Cardinal Duke remembered for his involuntary stay in the sixties Bory prison, popularly dubbed "Star".Among other things, said: "... with Vaclav Havel, we were in one department, Jiri Dienstbier was elsewhere. But I also remember the Pilsen otherwise, on his work in the local Skoda. "Questions related to students such as whether he supported the priests choice Karel Schwarzenberg, the Czech president, did not break his promise abstracted from politics. 
This cardinal said: "I rather doubt that the public is better choice for president than parliamentary, but so be it. You know, I know Charles as an altar there, and I know the commitment of Cardinal Schwarzenberg at the time of distribution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I think this family is truly deserved the Czech state and spreading the idea of ​​Catholic Slavs in Europe. "

All three presidents are associated with the end of totality

When asked about the Cardinal's attitude toward Vaclav Klaus, including Duke said: "All three of Czech presidents are associated with the end of totalitarianism and everyone has a share in it. I dare say that leaving is difficult for any politician, so do not judge. Indeed, it is not for me or. I remember my first contact with Vaclav trot, even as Finance Minister, and I admit it was very sharp. "
Although future lawyers were also encouraged several routing and thorny issues to restitution and possible scandals within the Church, in the first hour of the event none of the present "should not."