čtvrtek 18. dubna 2013

City of Czech immigrant in Texas (USA) fertilizers factory Exploration

18 April 2013,

Texas fertilizer sehzung bompuak mi hi Yahoo news tehna ah cun Czech kong an ttial lo na in Czech news ah cun tamtuk aum. Anmah czech mipem deuh abu an um nak si an ti,Bompuah ning zong hi Breivik puah mi bantuk pungsan si.  July 2011(Norway ), August 2012( Czech apuak manh lo) ,Nov 2012( Poland) Fertilizer  in apuak mi bom an si. Mifim nih cun asi ning zawt in an theih colh ko lai.

"Pie metropolis" Texas built by Czech natives.Now adding victims

Nearly three thousand West, located less than a hundred miles south of Dallas, is known for its Czech roots.There currently looking for emigrants from Bohemia fortune in the New World, have put down roots here and now to the reference reported in the majority white population.Some still speak Czech.
West Texas town with a large community of descendants of Czech immigrants.| Photo: Vladislav of Bohemia

Totalitarian  ah hin Nu an i tel ve,  amak tatak!  

The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian leave exředitel Zacek and head of archives

  15:03, updated 16:16
Recently installed director of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes Foglová Paul continues in stark course, that the institution has established.After she left for her entire scientific advice and she personally gave notice first deputy Eduard Stehlik, announced it would lay off also the first director of the Institute of Pavel Zacek boss and the Security Services Archive Zlatuše Kukanová.
The new director of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes Paul Foglová
The new director of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes Paul Foglová| Photo: Michal Dolezal, ČTK

Zeman candidates to succeed Judge.Lapping to Klaus amnesty

  11:54, updated 12:29
Finding new constitutional judges began to President Milos Zeman in the Senate successfully.All four of the candidates received in the Senate Committee on Education and Human Rights unanimous support from all present.Former Deputy Attorney General Jaroslav Fenyk win them critically amnesty.
Jaroslav Fenyk, legal theorist in the field of criminal law
Candidate for constitutional judge, a former military prosecutor Jaroslav Fenyk, the senators said he did not understand the reasons for Klaus amnesty.| Photo: ČTK

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