Increasingly, sometimes they even appear on television, but on YouTube, various films and documentaries about the dangers lurking on the establishment of the New World Order. Whether an individual thinks about anything, the truth is that the currently can read a relatively wide range of literature. One of the books that in the last days on this issue came out, comes from publishing ANCH Books, called the Secret Society - Freemasons war. And as the name suggests, reveals the mysteries of Masons and other organizations on the way to the New World Order.
It is not a fantasy, but apparently the author's interview with Mason high degree of dedication. Shows readers thinking, occult practices and plans of one of the largest secret societies of history. John von Helsing have managed to get into contact with an active, high ranking Freemason. And he informed informs about the effects of global secret society so that the books announced: Undetermined weak Naturae.
We are dependent on the system
People do not realize how much they are on the current system and probably that which comes addicts. We are losing their natural freedom or the ability to take care of themselves. Once a man went into the forest, he knew the various herbs and plants and not risk his starvation. Today we are dependent on an unnatural diet and crops from other countries, so they are unable to feed fruit growing in the wild.
"As with open eyes and a clear mind can observe the current situation in the world, you will find that the New World Order is actually already in place. Most people, however, still did not recognize and will continue to be governed by old habits and patterns of behavior. A new world order is stored in the attitudes and beliefs of the people, and eventually themselves believe that it is their own perception of the world and decide for themselves to live as they live. In the future, this will speed up the process of persuading other events. Part of the New World Order is almost complete control of people. That is why the company is about to change. All present will be destroyed, broken and chaos will crown the mentioned new world order, "says the dialogue that mysterious Freemason.
And points out that the mention of world order were heard loud and clear for several decades. Very interesting in this context lecture Dr. Richard Day, former director of the Society for Planned Parenthood, sponsored by the Rockefeller family (he was the bearer of high Masonic degrees). This lecture was heard at the meeting of American Pediatrics in 1969. He was described in the new global system, which is said to have introduced (!) And will result in the gradual transformation of humanity.Richard Day when it warned the audience before the global elite plan to introduce a dictatorship and one-world religion. He urged them but also to have done when no lecture notes and turn off all recording devices. Before he began, he mentioned that previously had to be silent, but in 1969 had a secret plan to speak said, because everything has already been "ready and no one can stop it."
Interestingly, the long line of said passwords, which described what with him establish a new order will bring, and what he will be prevented. As dozens of them, chosen few.
  • Reducing the number of inhabitants of the Earth
  • Allowances for childbirth
  • New concept of sex, sex without reproduction
  • Sexual education of youth as a tool for world government
  • Support for abortion as a tool to reduce the population of the country
  • Support for homosexuality
  • New technologies reproduction without sexual union
  • Termination of families
  • Facilitating the introduction of pills and dying death
  • Restricting access to free health care and the exclusion of older people from the
  • Strictly controlled access to medicines
  • Deliberately complicate the diagnosis of new incurable diseases
  • Suppression of cancer treatment
  • Calling heart attacks
  • Merging religion and the demise of the old religion
  • School attendance as a tool of indoctrination - efforts to blind and surrendered the adoption of a learning beliefs or attitudes, which does not allow for debate or criticism
  • Removal of certain books from libraries
  • Changes in laws that will impose social and moral chaos
  • Support for alcohol and drug use
  • Greater number of prisons
  • Zero psychological and physical security
  • Crime as a tool of social control
  • Sex and violence as part of the entertainment programs
  • Control and monitoring of people
  • Terrorism for increased control
What would life in the New World Order?
If we consider the above points, it is certain that - if we admit conspiracy - mankind enters the totality of the caliber of what he has dreamed. In the New World Order, there should be only one global government with a single currency, religion, the Court of Justice and the military. A new establishment by planners in him has eternal peace prevail - at least that summarizes the essence of NWO author of Secret Societies.
This is not an entirely new idea. Founder of the World Jewish Congress, Nahum Goldmann noted in 1915 following words:
Sense and historical mission of our times can be summarized in one sentence: Its mission is to establish a new order and redefine the role of mankind. The current social system must be replaced.And this transformation consists in two steps: the destruction of the old order and establishing a new one. First, you will need to remove any borders, abolish all the tradition and rip individuals from their natural environment. Age will be a sign of illness.
Can you carry this negative role of our times, are capitalism in the economic-and social democracy on the political-spiritual. Work will perform it until the military spirit . "
Who are the mysterious man by the Masons, who control the world?
Part of the conversation with that author Helsing representative Freemasons, who reportedly moves in the highest spheres, of course, is the question of whether they personally Mason, who holds in his hands the fate of the world knows. And also, what kind of people they are. It is fear of mankind?
"They are very nice people, they have a huge impact and really give you depend on to listen and take account of the variety of opinions and attitudes, because it makes decisions on the planet. They are also pragmatic people world events, politics and economy from a position of perceived creative God.Decide in cold blood, "said the mysterious man.
The fact that these people know the program towards the establishment of a new world order, then added that the program is created by itself.
"I just need to know how it changes and how it can be adapted to new circumstances. The point is that we must be prepared to accept any change, and that's the agenda. It's destiny, which is based on the universal cycle. They are not heartless individuals - no, but they are very pragmatic. Everything that is happening in the world today, it was written in the Old and New Testament. Illuminati, Freemasons and other other organizations are therefore only assistants in the performance of the plan, "he said on Mason.
Karel Gott - one of the celebrities who dominate the world spoke out loud
Although there are still many people who scoff at conspiracy theories, without contemplating the facts, which are mentioned (or at least hypotheses), and the Czech Republic are emerging lately more and more opinions that in certain areas should be accept. Karel Gott several years ago in an interview with People newspaper was one of the first who dared to speak about the risks of the establishment of the New World Order as well as the risks that the world can be controlled from behind a small group of powerful people. Maybe it's the fact that the singer thanks to its popularity since the 60th years met with influential people in the East and the West, and had access to information that the public remained unavailable.
"I am confident that particularly in recent centuries is not the policy of no mistakes people. Conversely policy depends to exact scenario, nothing happens by accident, and the worst - like war. It is always about the winners decided a long time ago. The same banks to support whoever is unleashed, and negotiate with whoever was attacked. Reproved, the more they will pay up they will send weapons.Running the world governing these high supra circles, the Illuminati or enlightened and holy orders and lodges to the mystical-occult organization, "said Karel Gott.
And stated that it is the people who thus determine who will make policy. "The rest is just a big theater," he said. while in recent months have brought several interviews and information from other personalities in the country, which are added to these theories, or at least inclined. Maybe it records the fact that he openly increasingly beginning to talk about the fact that capitalism ends and still vainly seeking compensation for this social structure. Will this actually replace the New World Order?  
What is Freemasonry?
The term Freemasonry is the ethical society of free people who are convinced that the ongoing work on the self can achieve a more humane approach to others. There are five basic ideals that Freemasonry accepts wants to implement and deepen: liberty, equality, fraternity, tolerance and humanity. Organization structure is called the lodge, which is now the world about 35,000, with approximately five million members.
Order of Freemasons is shrouded in myths, which seems to have originated in the promise of confidentiality, which must strictly adhere to the outside world.
Who is the author Jan van Helsing?
German author, born Jan Udo Holey. Childhood accustomed independent, the general prevailing opinion and independent thinking and feeling, because his family was spiritually oriented.
In the eighties, the author began to travel extensively and still attends many countries of the world.On his travels searching for the facts highlighting the background of mysterious natural phenomena and socio-classified information. Accumulated knowledge, information and facts published in his books, which has released ten. His first publication of secret uncovered some facts on the background of the so-called conspiracy theories and has been translated into eight languages. Three years later, in 1995, came the sequel, but so outraged certain circles in Germany and Switzerland, it had to be under pressure and judicial decisions instantly downloaded.
Title war Freemasons, of which cited above article, published in April Slovak publishers ANCH BOOKS. This is the third part, related to a secret society.