What is your general opinion of the current police monstrakci?
To me, this is just the tip of the iceberg certain hysteria in a society that is built for years. It's sensationalism, the quest for scandal. People want to see on television and in other media that is on someone worse off than they are, like to read about human misery. When today does not just murder, it must borrow to news from Hungary. It's a crazy time. It must however admit that for this to a large extent can the actors themselves.
What do you think?
When I give an example of the type of so-called rebels - and knows that they've had a warm personal relationship - so rejoice in what happened. I did not rejoice when something like this to happen in the case Vit Barta and loans to Members of public affairs. Petr Tluchoř out of it but then rejoiced. What then was it? Vit Barta Parliamentary Party on Public Affairs demanded that MPs voted for increasing VV deputies' salary, or to vote for its reduction, and if someone gets to the difficult economic situation and offered them an interest-free loan. In the language of criminal law that was translated as follows: "Vit Barta wanted the deputies to in connection with the performance of parliamentary duties somehow voted."
Barta for themselves but do not want to get cheaper any state-owned property or public order. He wanted the citizens of this country, taxpayers pay more in wages deputies. And we have seen the absurd criminalization of this matter. His initiative did not result in personal gain, but to do that would be saved from the state budget. And in that time, Peter Tluchoř, Marek Snajdr and Ivan Fuksa of the trial Vit Barta rejoiced because of their political competitor received by the ears.
So you think that if Barta and rebels for the comparable case?
Yes. Today, these three happens exactly the same injustice. In connection with any political story there was any political solution. My view of the law as a fifth-year law student says that bribery is not something that is claimed. So it is specifically stated in the law. Eligibility is salary or pay for performance. The performance of the entitlement. So I believe that there is a violation of the law occurred. If so criminalize other political steps, we could say that the CSSD chairman of committing fraud, because before the Parliamentary elections in 2010 on billboards promised pensioners 13thdividend income from the company ČEZ and a hundred yards away on another billboard promised reduction in energy prices.
According to the definition of criminal law is a fraud because he promised something that can not be fulfilled because the two promised steps go totally against him. I mean intelligent orangutan understand that we can not pay dividends thirteenth pension because by reducing the cost of energy, reduce the gain and dividend income. Just because of cheaper energy to no money.
And who bears responsibility for the criminalization of policy responsibility?
I do not see where the culprit - even cops, or the public prosecutor, because we all live in any environment. And even the police, prosecutors and judges are just people who are affected by their environment and atmosphere in society, which can lead to subjective attitudes. Indeed, because the United States came to the conclusion that the benefit of the greatest objectivity when the jury will meet in court and to her not to receive any information other than the courtroom and jurors do not have access to the media. Because even the most honorable man is faced with his own family, friends, work colleagues and always will influence his opinion. Therefore, the whole thing today even blame the police or prosecutors, or judges.
The basic problem is that tilted the balance of separation of powers between the different independent components. Media in logical order to increase its attractiveness, readership, sales and profit runs for exclusivity, stories, sensation, scandal or destroyed human destiny. People love to read that this rich man burned down house, is being investigated, he left his wife and son close. If someone uses these low instincts, so it's a mistake. Although humanly understandable that media served what he is in demand. hipa chim mihi thil tampi hnuhmai ruah ttha si read more