čtvrtek 8. listopadu 2012

Czecram Biaknak le Cozah buainak

 8 Nov 2012 ,Tuchun  CR news si.Biafang chap le zuh ah cun ttihnung si mirang carel kho cu cathiam an si . Rel kho tutheih ding ah!Biak nak le cozah hrawm in rianttuan nak aphi cu hihi si.

Separation of Church and State

The law allows for the recovery of immovable property (fields, meadows and forests) exclusively in the possession of the state (so has the drawback concerns mainly Forests and Land Fund of the Czech Republic), worth about 78 billion crowns.
It also counts with financial compensation for property that can not go back, while compensation is quantified as 59 billion). This is the amount the state should pay an amount of about 2 billion a year for 30 years. In addition, the state has 17 more years to support the Church, because the settlement will still be running.http://aktualne.centrum.cz/domaci/politika/clanek.phtml?id=762664
Biaknak zong Uhpade nih atlaih ah cun,

No guarantee limits restitution approve in February 1948, suggested Klaus

29thAugust 2012  13:16
President Vaclav Klaus gave an important condition for signing the law on church restitutions.Coalition leaders asked for a personal guarantee that the adoption of the law in any way break the restitution boundary February 1948.

The government pushed church restitutions.There are only decisions Klaus

7thNovember 2012  23:11, updated on 8thNovember 1:22
MEPs agreed on church restitutions.For the design of them raised his hand 102ndThe opposition tried in vain to three hours discussing the law to block or postpone for another time.The law, which would have enabled the church should get from the state assets worth around 75 billion crowns, and other compensation, now will go to Vaclav Klaus.

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